There are many benefits you are sure of having for investing in a Standing Desk. Not only are they great to increase focus and productivity but they also have multiple hath benefits. You have probably already experienced back problems from sitting for long hours.

And, you have also, probably, been recommended a lot of things to heal your lower back; exercises, certain sitting positions, stretching, and more. A standing desk could be one of the solutions you are looking for, for your health problems. Check out some of the health benefits below;
May Help Reduce Weight and Prevent Weight Gain

The first health benefit of standing desks is that they have the potential to help you reduce weight. Sitting down doesn’t take a lot of effort, which also means you don’t get to burn a lot of calories while seated. As a matter of fact, there are multiple workouts and workout routines recommended for sedentary people to prevent weight gain.

On the other hand, standing takes more effort and leads to more calories burned. This also means that you can lose some weight, or at least prevent any weight gain.
May Help Prevent or Reduce Back Pains

Standing desks have also been shown to help with reducing or rather preventing lower back pains, which mostly happens as a result of sitting long hours. This is because sitting for long periods tightens up your muscles and strain them.

Standing desks, on the other hand, allow you to stand for as long as you can, want or need to, and you can go right back to sitting if you wish to take a break. The switching between sitting and standing amidst your job all day long does a great favor for your back, shoulder, and neck.

It is also easier to stand and position your arms, wrist, elbows, and spine, working while standing than seated. It is the bad posture that causes back, shoulder, and neck pains.