When you listen to the French verbsform, learning French to understand/speak French, you will need to first know the way the verb in French gets pronounced. You have to remember that ther are a lot of letters which are silent glidings and liaisons in the French language. You will even come across verb conjugations.
Examples include:
• The ent which you will get at the end of the verb in the form of ils which is silent
• Je suis is usually pronounced das shui in the pronunciation of the modern French
• You will find out that there is liaisons which are strong in the Z after the vous, nous, ells, and the ils. If for the ilsont you end up saying eel ont, the French will not be able to understand you. They will expect you to say eel zon.
• After elle and il – the elleest is normally pronounced as elay, the way the L.A city gets pronounced.
• Even when you feel ok with the pronunciation in French, all the letters which are used in the French in spelling the word can become quite confusing. Do you have the confidence that you can pronounce ilsonteu properly? Or the nous asseyions?
That is the reason why you might be in need of learning your french verbs list by use of audio and not just the books. But the thing is that, majority of the learners of French utilizes only sources which are written in learning French verb forms. And that is a great mistake which should be avoided at all costs. You need to focus well because, that is the only way that you are assured to learn the French verbs, mastering the game and ensuring that you become perfect at everything that you do in your journey to perfecting the game.