Engraving is nothing but etching a personalized design on a jewel. The following are some of the highlights of an engraved necklace or any other jewel.
Family legacy’s symbol
Whatever jewelry you have, they would get passed through your family members and would remain in the house forever. You would have heard a term called heirlooms that act as a symbol representing a particular family for several generations. So, you can convert your ordinary jewel into an heirloom and create a legacy for your family and let the generations following you take the symbol with them. If you do so, your family memories would also get transmitted. Instead of using an ordinary jewel that lives so long without any other purpose than being a mere ornament, you can add value to your family memories.
Some sort of protection
People find their engraved jewels safer than other jewels. There is a single reason for this and without any solid proof, it could be the uniqueness of the jewel. As you would know, no other jewelry would have the same design and outlook as personalized engraved jewelry. Although you could have chosen a common design for your jewel, it would be unique most of the time. So, even when your jewel is missing, the possibility of finding it will be high as you can identify it the moment you see it.
Long-lasting love
An engraved jewel would be a symbol of love between you and the person you give it to. So, the person will feel loved forever till the last day he gets hold of the jewel. The memories you two had would come to his mind whenever he sees the jewel.